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Boho Bride Magazine


Boho Bride Magazine is a wedding publication meant to inspire ideas and give suggestions during the wedding planning process. I got married in September 2019 and while planning, realized that wedding magazines felt very busy overwhelming, like an overly excited wedding planner yelling at you with all of her great ideas.


I wanted to create a magazine that deviated from the traditional wedding magazine format, a publication to offer ideas but was simple and beautiful in its layout and showed the potential of art, creativity and personalization that can go into planning a wedding rather than fitting into a cookie cutter mold. The Boho Bride is 25-40, who is inspired by worldly things and draws inspiration from a variety of wedding traditions and cultures.


Print, Layout, Identity


Color plays a big part in conveying the feel of the magazine, and who the Boho Bride is. The masthead has a folky, bohemian feel with a rounded, condensed typeface with geometric lines added. Oswald is used throughout the magazine to mimic the condensed feel of the masthead but not replicate it. A muted color palette plays with the earthy neutrals that a boho bride might utilize in her wedding. White space is used intentionally throughout to differentiate from other wedding magazines that feel like they are overflowing with content. 

Spines 2_edited.jpg

In a field full of roses,

she is a wildflower

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