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Biodiversity Conference


I chose this conference because I was lucky to attend this conference in Bali in 2010 while I was in Indonesia doing field research for my master’s program in anthropology. I studied a group of Moor Macaque monkeys in the jungles of Sulawesi, Indonesia for five weeks and this was our treat when we were done, where we got to stay for a week in Bali and got to finally sleep on a mattress and have running water. The conference draws in all types of scientists that study tropical ecology but the conference has a bit of a bland design. I wanted to add color and make it fun to better reflect the attendees, most of whom aren’t lab scientists, they’re bad-ass field researchers that tend to have a good time.


Branding, Digital, Print


I employed bright colors and organic line work that is pulled from Batik designs typical of Balinese culture. They use a lot of earthy orange and blue colors and lots of line work so the lines are a subtle use of batik-inspired design. The same curvature is used to highlight imagery of tropical animals that are the common focus of the tropical world. Encode Sans was used as well as an inlined display type, Amboy, which was used in a variety of lockups for the logo. The idea was to keep the look clean because it is still a science conference, but spice it up with color, lines and imagery.

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