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Ground Panic Attack App


As more mind/body apps have emerged over recent years with the rise of Headspace and Calm, I realized a lot of apps were focusing more on generalized anxiety rather than coming down from a panic attack. Ground is a personal passion project of mine created after much research into cognitive behavioral therapy. To expand my knowledge of mindfulness techniques, I interviewed people who experience panic attacks and asked about techniques they used to calm down. I was surprised to find out that many people didn’t have a lot of tools to help themselves. I wanted to highlight ways to come down from an attack as the primary user flow, but also add a learning element as a means to gain insight into the triggers that lead to a panic attack.


Digital, UX, UI, Research



After defining the problem and collecting information, I brainstormed and analyzed my ideas through affinity mapping and prototyping. I developed solutions and gathered feedback to improve the final product. Given the subject matter, it was important to keep the app accessible and calming. The color palette of purple, peach and gray differentiates it from existing apps while remaining gender neutral and maintains a cheerful feeling to the app. White space is used to create an airy feeling with different weights of Noto Sans, a friendly, slightly geometric san serif, to make the app feel unified. Monolinear iconography is also used to add an illustrative element while alsovv the design simple and straightforward.

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