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Po-kay Restaurant


Po-kay is a poke restaurant based in downtown Portland, which is known for its quirky, hipster vibe and slightly grunge aesthetic. Po-kay is meant to be a fast-casual restaurant, sort of in the likes of Chipotle, however most poke restaurants are more take-out designed. Po-kay wants to increase the community aspect of eating by encouraging more of a dine-in feel, and the addition of a sake menu and other beverages encourages patrons to stay a while and enjoy each other's company.


Branding, Print, Digital, Environmental



A rough, handwritten typeface is used for the logo and menu copy to evoke the feeling of many Hawaiian poke restaurants from which poke gets many of its cultural roots. These restaurants use a lot of handwritten, chalkboard menus to show which fish options are fresh, so the typeface is meant to give that handwritten feel. The brand is playful in its copy and ordering approach and the kraft paper aligns with the grunge tone but pops of salmon color play off of the color of the salmon poke and freshen the brand up a bit. Pattern is used in the branding to add a fresh, clean feel but incorporate some of those distressed textures found elsewhere throughout the brand identity.

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