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Basis Vitamins


Radius is a men’s multivitamin subscription service that allows users to purchase a  monthly delivery service of a "one stop shop" vitamin that is supposed to target multiple aspects of men's health and wellness. The brand is self-care focused and really emphasizes the mindfulness aspect of wellness, in opposition to a lot of male vitamin and supplement brands that are more explosive and more about strength and masculinity, this brand aims to tone that approach down and speak to the softer side of masculinity.


Digital, UX, UI, E-commerce


Muted, calming colors help to differentiate from some of the bolder and brighter brands often found throughout the men's vitamin and supplement market. A simple and clean aesthetic was used to give the brand a light and airy feel and bold typeface, Omnium, is used throughout the brand identity and copy which gives the brand a masculine feel but adds a little softness with its rounded edges and curves.

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