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Telluride Blues Festival


Branding, Merchandise, Print


Telluride Blues & Brews Festival is an annual music and beer festival in Telluride, CO. It features musicians, breweries, local artisans and campground options for people wanting to stay on site. The event is meant to appeal to the local population as well as visitors from across the country and is a big tourism draw for the city of Telluride. I have grown up listening to blues music, and I wanted to add a modern take to the vintage, classic style that is typical of blues festivals.



Classic navy and tan were used to create a rustic, vintage feel with a pop of rust color to add variety but still keep it within the earthy color palette. Solid icons and thicker lock up line work create a bold, clean and modern look that deviates from some of the typical flourish work that is found with vintage typography. Type mixing is used to throw back to old blues posters, and the type is modified to give it a slightly psychedelic, hippie feel. Copy is consistent with their “Blues, Brews & Views” tagline, and their logo is modified to fit a variety of uses and shapes.

Festival Final copy.jpg
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