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The Volstead Hotel


The Volstead is a vintage, prohibition themed hotel located in downtown Austin, TX. The property offers an upscale but fun experience, blending the seedy underground of prohibition with a polished touch. The hotel appeals to a 33-45 demographic that appreciates the vintage throwback but is also drawn to the fun irreverence that resonates with Austin’s weird, apathetic cultural undertones.  


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Image story is used heavily throughout the brand, to show all the different characters associated with the prohibition era, from the officials tasked with enforcement, the mobsters driving the underground consumption of alcohol, to the flappers and general public relishing in breaking the rules.


Pops of bold muted yellow provide a fresh accent to the brand and a color-overlay photo treatment adds a modern unification to the black and white photography. A common theme is eyes peeking through a hidden door, as if access is being granted to a hidden speakeasy. Bold typography is used in reference to old prohibition posters and newspapers of the time which gives a loud, outspoken voice to the sarcastic copy.

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